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Which Is Better – A Face Mask, Face Shield, or Both?

This whole business of personal protective equipment is new to all of us – regular citizens and medical professionals alike. This means everyone has questions about the best options to reduce exposure to COVID-19. To answer that question, first, you have to compare apples to apples.

Cloth Masks

Many people wear cloth face masks. These do work to stop the spread of the virus, but the question remains, “How well do they work?” They’re all made differently with various types of cloth with bandanas and scarves doing double duty. As you can guess, the protection you get from these depends on the fabric and how well it fits.

The Best Mask

Hands down, the best mask to have is the N95 respirator. This mask fits snugly on your face and is useful in filtering out tiny airborne particles. It does what such a covering needs to do—safeguarding you and others from contamination.

Face Shields

Face shields work for those of us who have trouble dealing with masks. The shield itself does work, but airborne particles can sneak out from under the mask or up into the shield to pose a threat.

[H2] Mask & Shield

Medical experts recommend wearing a good mask, such as the N-95. This and social distancing offer the most protection we have in public until there is a vaccine.

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