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  • Kevin Langley

The Difference between Industrial & Medical-Grade Gloves

We use our hands for everything—cleaning, cooking, caring for others, and so much more. Therefore, our hands become a place where germs congregate and wait to be passed from one person to another.

In today’s world, we’re all hyper-aware of the spread of diseases—including COVID-19—and so, we all must learn the appropriate gloves to wear in different situations. This collective knowledge will help us fight illness together.

Both industrial (also known as general-purpose) and medical-grade gloves will protect you from germs, with the main distinction being their certification by the FDA. Medical-grade gloves must pass strict quality tests for tear resistance, puncture resistance, chemical resistance, and tension. Therefore, these are the proper gloves to wear in any medical setting, including checkups, surgeries, and COVID-19 tests.

On the other hand, industrial gloves don’t need to meet these same certifications. These gloves still offer you protection from disease spread, but they should not be used in medical contexts. Often, industrial gloves are thicker and provide more grip, making them a more effective choice for sanitation, industrial, and mechanical work. It’s all about choosing the right gloves for the job.

Contact the experts at Universal Protective Products to place an order for surgical gloves, medical-grade masks, and more. Be sure to fill in the contact form with your name, email, and a message outlining your personal protective equipment needs.

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