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  • Kevin Langley

Isolation Gowns for Infection Prevention

With the threat of the Coronavirus, we know much more about personal protective equipment (PPE) than many of us wanted to know. This includes equipment, such as face masks and even other pieces of gear, such as isolation gowns.

An isolation gown provides basic protection from contamination by bodily fluids and can be re-used after washing or thrown away after a single-use. These gowns are to be worn over clothing and safeguard the fabric from exposure to blood. The next step up is a procedure gown, which is usually disposable and offers a more significant measure of protection.

It’s wise to practice care and caution when wearing these gowns. This includes following the dos and don’ts of PPE.

The Do List

Wash your hands before putting on and after taking off a gown.

Make sure the garment is secured at the neck and wrists and covers your clothes.

Take off the gown by rolling it inside out and away from the body to contain the contamination.

Dispose of it in a designated container.

The Don’t List

Don't re-use gowns.

Don’t wear this piece of PPE outside of the patient area.

Don’t substitute a lower-grade gown for one that is necessary for the procedure. Some gowns are sterile and/or give a greater degree of protection. Follow the specific rules for use.

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