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  • Kevin Langley

How Face Masks Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has become a fixture in daily life. With the normalization of a new illness comes a wave of disinformation that will ultimately sway many decisions. Consequently, easing up on preventative measures might lead to spikes in confirmed cases and fatalities.

Face masks have become the target of much scrutiny and scorn as of late. While many might consider these items as a political tool or form of social control, we cannot ignore their usefulness in combating the virus's spread. Here are how using a face mask or other personal protective equipment can help keep you—and others—safe.

Asymptomatic Spread

A primary concern of controlling the rise of cases is asymptomatic spread. This is when someone who has COVID-19 does not exhibit symptoms, meaning that they appear healthy but can still transmit the disease.

It is established that COVID-19 spreads mainly through respiratory droplets that are inhaled by others. Preventing these droplets from proliferating is one of the most effective ways of slowing the rate or infection.

Face masks and face shields help contain a wearer’s respiratory droplets. By combining a mask with proper social distancing and minimizing exposure to crowds, it is possible to reduce the illness's spread.

Wearing a mask does more than protect others. When everyone does their part in containing the disease, it becomes possible to keep many safe and healthy. Please continue to do your part in improving public safety--and encourage others to do so. Collective action builds a healthy community.

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